condominiums singapore

condominiums singapore

condominiums singapore

Condominiums Singapore
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Your Choice of Condominiums in Singapore

Looking for condominiums in Singapore ? We have a wide range of condominiums for sale or rent ranging from the top-class luxurious apartments to smaller ones that are equally comfortable and classy. Our condominiums in Singapore come in varied sizes suitable for the big extended family or a small but growing family. Located mainly in quiet, choice districts, with easy access to major roads, our new condominiums are also close to amenities like shops, bakeries and supermarkets. Individual apartments in our new launch condos in Singapore come with well-equipped kitchen, bedrooms, living area and wash areas. Further, all our condominiums in Singapore offer facilities and services like fitness gyms, barbecue pits, lounges, swimming and wading pools, billiards room, paqrty or social rooms, wine cellars, beauty salons, security and more. For the young bachelor, an executive condominium would be ideal. You will definitely call your condominium property your home ! We have many condominiums for sale. Call us for site visits to our condominiums in Singapore or review a shortlist for your preferred condo today.

Condominiums in Singapore - A Chosen Lifestyle

Single, young professionals, university students staying away from home, live-in couples with no kids and small families will certainly enjoy the comfort brought by condominium living. Condominiums are also a good option for those ready to downsize or who have limited time or desire to manage the maintenance. Condominiums tend to be more affordable with lower prices, especially for first-time buyers and single individuals who would prefer a cozier place that perfect fits budgetary limitations. Condominium living is a lifestyle.

condominiums singapore

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Condominium Living in Singapore

Most condominiums in Singapore are located in districts where most economic activities are happening, such as town centres, shopping malls and train stations. Because of this, most owners would enjoy the accessibility of transportation, recreational center and various business and service establishments. More people, especially first time buyers prefer condominiums because it is less expensive and more affordable than residential landed property. Condominium living is so much different from owning or renting a landed property. Condominium owners hold ownership over their respective units but each one sharing responsibility over the operating costs and maintenance of the shared elements in the property such as lobbies, passageways, elevators etc. that are essential parts of a condominium complex. By choosing to live in a condominium, you are choosing to live within a community of other condo unit owners who become your instant neighbors. Each condominium complex is a community in itself and each owner accepts and follows the standard rules and regulations unique to condo living.

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